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The Origins

The Gold Water is a natural, powerful and miraculous water.
The Gold Water spring was find in a sacred area of Ecuador mountains in 1758 A.D.
The Water with Gold could cure a lot of diseases, could give strength to the body but has also powerful features for the skin.
We use Gold Water in our next-generation products because gold can rejuvenation and give tone to the skin.


ORO5 is the next-generation face cosmetic line. Its unique textures and the natural ingredients used make this products very effective and suited for all skin types, included the most sensitive and delicate.
We are pleased to present to you a face line that can help to enhance your natural beauty with a fascinating sensation of Italian style.

active ingredients

Gold water and 5 natural active ingredients

High concentrations of very small gold particles are present in the special water used as main component in the ORO5 products. This gives the products their excellent assimilation characteristics and their unique efficacy. All the active ingredients we used are natural and very effective: VEGETAL HYALURONIC ACID, VEGETAL STEM CELLS, BIO-FERMENTED SEA WEEDS, SWEET ALMOND SEEDS and VEGETAL BOTULINUM.

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