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Natural ingredients for One More Compound 5

Water with Gold is a special pure water very low in mineral salts, that contains important concentrations of tiny dissolved gold particles. After extensive research and testing in our laboratories, our company ONE MORE SRL has been able to reproduce it and use it as the main ingredient of our ORO5 cosmetic line.

Water with Gold is both the main ingredient of our visage cosmetic line and a very effective active ingredient for the beauty of the skin.

ORO5 formulation has designed over the Water with Gold enriched with a compound of powerful, naturally derived ingredients mixed according to the beauty treatment we want to achieve.


The function of Hyaluronic Acid is to ensure a good concentration of water in the skin, contributing to keep the skin well hydrated. Thanks to its molecular structure, Vegetal Hyaluronic Acid aids the retention of water in the skin, which aids firmness and elasticity. Moreover, as a natural anti-oxidising agent, it helps to contrast the free radical effects, slowing the pace of the skin aging process.


In ageing skin, stem cells are less active and less present; this results in the formation of wrinkles and an increase in the length of the skin rejuvenation cycle. Plants also contain stem cells and these, after being properly isolated, can be cultivated in liquid culture systems. We selected special unripe grape berries from which stem cells have been extracted and once applied on the skin, can act rapidly thanks to their highly bioavailable actives.


Bio-fermented seaweeds have been selected for their specific energizing properties on the skin. In particular, these seaweeds protect mitochondria and enhance cell regeneration, activating cell functionality and making the skin brighter, healthier and more natural looking. The use of bio-fermented seaweeds enables a fast and natural lifting effect while, in the long term, the cells are protected against oxidative stress. The collagen synthesis increases, reinforcing the connective tissue.


This is a powerful and natural moisturising factor which leaves a protective film on the skin to improve hydration. It softens and repairs sensitive skin. It strengthens sensitive skin and reinforces it’s resistance against environmental attack: cold, wind, heat, pollution. It has good anti-free radical performance.


This natural vegetal botulin has an immediate anti-wrinkle effect from the first minutes after application which then lasts for several hours. It acts on normal skin wrinkles and lightly reduces the appearance of expression line wrinkles (more difficult to treat). Used regularly over time this active ingredient shows a significant anti-oxidising effect in addition to the established anti-wrinkle effect.

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