gold water

natural, powerful, miraculous ingredient

gold water

There is a forest area in Equator (Central America) that since ancient times was never the subject of wars because all the population considered it sacred: anybody could enter this area but only to look for natural medicines that could be found there.
Within this sacred area, which is traversed by powerful and terrestrial energies there was and still is a spring of water with small particles of gold dissolved inside it.

This spring of Water with Gold had been considered miraculous for the health of the people and locals used it for thousands of years until its fame arrived to Europe in 1758 when a famous alchemist, Mr Claude-Louis de Saint-Germain, informed and convinced the King of France to arrange an expedition in Central and South America to look for the Water with Gold, which could treat many illnesses, give strength to the body, and cure skin problems.
After wide researches, the explorers arrived in that secret area close to La Manà city, in the Cotopaxi Province of Ecuador, where they finally discovered the spring of water with golden particles inside. Unfortunately, over the years, due to many wars and problems that have occurred in Europe and around the world, this spring of water was forgotten.
In 1980 a mining engineer, Mr Sotomayor Navas, found out that his daughter was suffering by a very serious illness caused by a bacterial infection that traditional medicines could not treat. Having heard about the “miraculous” Water with Gold spring he started looking for it. Once he had found that miraculous spring he decided to give this water with gold to his daughter. She started to drink and to use this water also to wash herself. The Water with Gold saved her life and since that event the spring of water with gold has started to become very popular.

Water with gold contains many properties which benefit the human skin and body. It contains very powerful anti-bacterial effects that can eliminate over 650 infectious agents and works positively as an active tonic on the central nervous system and on the energy flows of our body.
The energy contained in this water is by far the highest one, compared to any organic or non organic substance on our planet. Regular users of this potentially energetic water describe an increase in their energy levels with a general feeling of well-being, resulting in a feeling that is “miraculous”.
Gold is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the skin, aiding the repair of small cuts, burns, redness, imperfections and small cracking. Gold has been used for other skin problems especially due to excessive exposure to radiation.
Gold is found in nature, in some plants and is absorbable; It’s deficiency in the body is one of the main causes of multiple sclerosis and many neurological disorders. A shortage of Gold tends to upset the ability to assimilate minerals and vitamins, especially from the muscular tissues and the nervous system. By absorbing gold through food or using gold dissolved in water is possible to regenerate the body.

Our laboratories could exactly reproduce this Water with Gold and we are using it as the main ingredient for all our products. By using ORO5 products you can use this ancient miracle water for taking care of your skin through giving yourself a beauty treatment.

REFERENCES (The website of the company that is bottling and selling the Water with Gold) (This video shows the river flowing from the spring of the water with gold near LA MANA’ city in Ecuador, where engineer Sotomayor Nava re-discovered and demonstrated the presence of gold particles in the water) (The interview of Jaime Rodriguez with engineer Sotomayor Nava that shows how a small bleached brass plaque immersed in the Water with Gold from the Miracle Spring, becomes yellow gold; thus proving the existence of organic gold in the water, which can be absorbed by the human body into the intracellular space to improve electronic communication between cells, as well as other countless benefits)

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